Spring Black Bear Hunt is open

Excitement is in the air … the first bear hunters are on the ground with our guides anticipating exciting adventures!

black bear hunting

On his firts visit he gets a beautiful 205 pound bear!

The black bear is a very impressive animal because of its shape, physical strength and the beauty of its fur, which is at its best around mid-June. Like many other big game animals, it regularly follows the same tracks and is more active in the morning and at the end of the day.

black bear hunting

Léa and father, Jacques Jr, are proud of their 311 pound bear

The choice of the bear hunting site is essential and the outfitter is well prepared for its customers in terms of baiting before and during the hunting season, as it is an important part of successful hunting.

Each site is in harmony with nature and the baits used are biodegradable and safe for the environment.

It is necessary to bait the site at a distance appropriate to the used hunting gear and to the morphology of the selected sector.

Be it with bow or crossbow, a distance of 20 meters is required while with firearms the bait may be 50 meters from the lookout.

black bear hunting

Frederick patiently waited for his bear… 220 lbs ! Congrats 🙂

The installation of the watchtowers is also done with great care to offer you a great efficiency of observation but also, to make you undetectable to bears.

black bear hunting

Jamie is very happy of her choice. She saw many before deciding which one would ne hers.

When this huge bear comes in front of you, expect a good adrenaline rush!

Come give it a try and your dream of harvesting this much sought-after trophy will become a reality!

black bear hunting

It took lots of patience to acquire her black bear. Congrats!

Check out our hunting packages and contact us for any additional information you may need.

Our qualified, attentive and courteous team is eager to serve you.

Horseshoe Outfitter

PS: It’s a good idea to combine bear hunting with a fishing trip. The morning or evening period for hunting and the day for fishing and other outdoor activities. You deserve it!

black bear hunting

Our guides, Eric and Bobby alongside proud and happy customers 🙂


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