Many hunters spend a lot of time fall in a cache to observe carrots or apples designed to harvest a deer.

More often than not , females with their little ones comes in sight.

Hunters admire them while they eat apples / carrots in undergoing cold, a particular annoyance of the hunt. In addition, they have to be there early in the mornings, and late in the day .

Ultimately , this is a lot of hours to spend without being able to harvest the wanted deer…

Ours Noir s'apprêtant à manger dans baits Pourvoirie Fer A Cheval

The bear hunting, on the contrary, is now so advanced that it represents for me a very nice hunting pleasure !

Imagine…a few hours .. later in the day… in a well baited and well equipped mirador lookout site. It provides quality time along with very comfortable temperature..and… no mosquitoes !

To observe the bears play , eat and demonstrate their remarkable skills to choose their meal , grants you with remarkable moments in time.

Whether you are with friends, father – son , mother -daughter, father-daughter , two brothers, or otherwise, a shooter and another filming , it’s a trip on its own …. even without firing !

Come and enjoy this adventure of observing the behavior of those big bears when near the food barrel. Such a beautiful sight to see !

Maybe you are alone? No worries, we will join you!

At Fer A Cheval , ALL hunters see bears.

Think about it , a beautiful fishing day , a bear the evening, a delicious dinner and a wonderful sleep in the land of dreams !

Yes, it can happen for real. And no further away than here at Fer A Cheval Outfitter.

What are you waiting for to make your dream a reality?


We are here for you. Contact us today at (819) 667-2525 to book your stay.

Visit our website at: https://feracheval.ca for more information .

Looking forward to welcome you and share adventures with you on your outfitter trip!

Francois Thouin and Team.

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