Antoine and Gabriel are proud to showcase result of their morning partridge hunt . Congratulations!


You would like to do the same?

If so, bring yourself and loved ones to the heart of our beautiful countryside to breathe the fresh morning air while indulging in hunting small game such as Gabriel and Anthony did.
Their smile says it all 🙂


Partridges and grouses are all over so it is the perfect time to enjoy it while walking on foot, by car or VTT in the trails surrounding the lodge, while enjoying the beauty of the beautiful nature that surrounds us.

Back at the hostel, in its warm and welcoming atmosphere, Benoit, our culinary Chef will satisfy your appetite with exquisite meals  that only he knows the secret …

Contact us today to make your dream a reality …!

Looking forward to serve you soon,

Thouin Francois and his team.



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