Next bear hunting trip: who will be the lucky hunter who will harvest this big black bear in 2019?

black bear hunting trophy

Our surveillance camera tracked him day and night. Wise, this bear has been able to spot the hunters again this year!
Imagine the adrenaline rush when this juggernaut will appear before you ….

black bear hunting trophy

The meet-up is launched! 🙂 Will you be there?

We recommend that you book your 2019 bear hunt as soon as possible; 15 places available. Our territory is exceptional and we have everything you need for a successful hunt and a memorable stay!

Our guides share their passion and team up with the hunters so that everything is up to their expectations.

chasse à l'ours a la pourvoirie du Fer à Cheval

We offer superior accommodation for the entire family, inside our American package, inclusive of fishing rights. Our dining room will greet you to a culinary experience with exotic flavors paired with great wine pairing.

Check out our packages and get in touch for more information.

The spring black bear hunt is recognized as one of the most captivating adventures. From the mirador, you will safely monitor its long-awaited arrival. Here he comes… you get a fantastic view fromf your observation post!

His sensitive sense of smell draws him to the baited site and the animal is constantly approaching his goal … and from yourself at the same time. You will be able to observe him before taking the decision to shoot.

Our guides will eviscerate the animal and clear his skin  for you

Experienced or beginners, all our hunters are satisfied!

Francois Thouin and his team

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