Be seduced by the multiple lodging options!


The outfitter Fer à Cheval stands out amongst others because of its multiple lodging options

4 Stars Inn

This classification from Aubergistes de la Forêt (QOF)  entails that the accommodation units, in the forest, have superior facilities and offers several services and amenities to their customers. This rating assures very comfortable rooms, delicious meals, an excellent service, as well as a pleasant and inviting environment for everyone.

Forest cabins

Near the lake border, offer all facilities, relying on propane gas, including a fully equipped bathroom and hot water. Ideal for a private and calm stay.

Thematic suites (condo-style suites) and luxurious VIP suites

Situated in the main building, each room, either in the thematic suites or the VIP suites, has a private bathroom. The thematic suites are ideal for families and groups, as the VIP suites are ideal for couples. The rooms have a great panoramic view of the Nasigon Lake.

Rustic camp

Ideal for wilderness adventurers. Remoted and hard to access, these rustic camps, without facilities, are perfect to experience the simplicity of nature. All camps are near some beautiful water points and lakes.

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