speckled trout fishingSpeckled trout fishing is Tom and his friends best outing adventure when it is prime time season.

They had an exhilarating experience and quite proud of their catches!

Best lures

Before you leave for your next fishing trip, be sure to equip your fishing tackle box with the best lures to catch your trophy fish and be able to boast about it!

The secrets of our multiple trout lakes are waiting for you with unforgettable memories and incomparable fishing. Don’t forget your camera – photo opportunities abound!


Very popular in Québec, the speckled trout, also called the brook trout, is the species sport fishers covet most. It bites quickly but shows character once it is on the hook. It can be found throughout Sépaq sites and quotas are quite advantageous. Some anglers release them with the required skill and care, while others prefer to cook hearty meals on site and to take some fish home. Trout is indeed recognized as one of the best tasting fish.

Brook trout fishing provides an excellent occasion to introduce family and friends to the pleasures of the sport: the fish are accessible, easy to catch and abundant. The ABC of trout fishing pocket guide that we recommend consulting before your trip provides useful tips (in French only).

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Same as  Sépaq, we are also very proud to say that our trouts are indigenous, and that we maintain a sustainable wildlife management to promote growth of native trout stocks on our territory.

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Looking forward to greet you soon!

Francois Thouin and team.

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