We received a very special visit recently …. a visit which gave us quite some emotions!

It was one of a small bear that we nicknamed ‘Tannant’ because after a glimpse of himself in the trailer trash, we then saw him go up a tree near the Inn, then on the roof of a pickup truck, and many other places!

Respect for nature is very important for all of us here at the lodge, so we tried to capture him in a cage by drawing his attention with food.

With the help of all those present, we finally succeeded! He entered the cage and it is with great joy that we have relocated him,  a dozen kilometers away, in the forest, where other bears are present.
Francis and Jeremy have enjoyed their experience of capturing/releasing Tannant bear, which, by the way, has anice little caramel colored nose and big ears.

Will they recognize him next year?
We will keep you informed. 😉
Happy summer holidays,
Thouin Francois and his team.

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