fishing pike in upper laurentians fishing pike In this new fishing season our customers are happy with their catch!

Catched littles pikes and a big one : 25 lbs 47 ” on Lake St-Denis. Also 5-6 pikes and a walleye of 14″ on Lake Lajoue. 🙂 P.V.

The pike is a big predator and at the opening of the fishing season, if the timing is good between to the level of the water and its warmth, one has the chance to fish very big pike.

fishing pike
At the beginning of the season, the breeding season for pike is recently over and they are often on the spawning sites.

The size, aggression and impressive physiognomy make the capture of a large pike from fishing to hunting, so this predation can be daunting when the fight takes on the appearance of a violence rarely equaled for fishing athletic.

Come on up to visit us and take out your fishing rod on our many lakes (35) and rivers that will provide you with an authentic outdoor experience and a memorable fishing trip on our exclusive rights territory of 238km2!

You can also fish for walleye, speckled trout, lake trout and whitefish. Some of our lakes are home to both walleye and speckled trout.

Looking forward to serve you on your next fishing trip in the Upper Laurentians. 4 Stars lodging, gastronomy dining room and courteous & attentive staff.

Horseshoe outfitter’s team

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